About Us

Isa D'Arleans

Isa was born and raised in Lyon France. Although known as an artist for her painting style with years of exhibits in Seattle and New York City, she has also worked extensively in other artistic fields that have broadened her sensibility and expertise in visual arts and aesthetics. 


Carlotta Harlan

Carlotta is a creative writer with an emphasis on human interaction and personal narratives. Her range spans from short stories to film, with a career based in the latter. She’s spent the majority of her professional life in development and editing - dual paths in the artistry of storytelling. 


Skylar Thomas

Skylar is a multidisciplinary artist / developer based in Los Angeles. "I like building worlds and reimagining what it means to experience reality. There’s a moment where logic, art, and cinematic presentation overlap to create life changing virtual experiences, and I enjoy creating there."

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